About us

Fixed applies advanced logic to get computers doing the laborious tasks that PMs usually do.

You can focus on what matters, be much more productive, and have a less stressful work day.

The founders of Fixed are project delivery veterans. We know what it's like to be on top of the plan of work, and the outcomes you're aiming for, but you are still so busy! And much of your busy time is spent feeding and tweaking project management systems.

We started Fixed to provide an agile PM system that solves these issues. It is not another rewrite of Jira; there are already many out there. Fixed is an add-on to these systems and requires no changes to your current setup.

It takes the contents of your plan of work and uses computer power to rapidly answer commonly encountered questions like:

  • "Are we on track?"
  • "When will we get feature X?"
  • "What will this change mean to the release timing?"

These insights are often:

  1. Very common
  2. Very critical
  3. Often dealt with through a laborious manual process
  4. Able to be solved by advanced logic in software
  5. Not being solved by current systems

You can try a fully-functional account for free to see if we are on the right track. It should make your day much more productive and awesome!