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Project Management

Let us restore your team's efficiency and confidence by automating your Agile project management day. We disrupt the Project Management industry by providing answers, not just data.

Be Agile and still hit a deadline, have your roadmap dynamically and automatically updated, always be up to date with automated prompts to your team.

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What does Fixed do?

You've probably lead teams getting things done for a while now. And we guess you've seen a lot of plans, schedules and budgets in your time. And maybe some sprints, backlogs, even a GANTT chart or two. But that's all data; you want answers.

At Fixed, we believe the computer should do the work, not the user. Fixed analyses your projects in your current preferred system and provides you with dynamic project analytics:

  • A continuous read-out of whether you're on track
  • An instant view of how changes in the scope or resources will affect the delivery date and budget
  • A dynamically generated medium to long-term roadmap from real-world estimates and real-time updates
  • The ability to provide, and refine, meaningful estimates throughout the delivery
  • An automated system of one-click emails to your team to ensure you are up to date at all times

With Fixed, you can leave all the heavy lifting to us and regain the team's efficiency and confidence to deliver excellent outcomes for your customers.

Try it out - it's currently free and there's a demo project to use if you don't have one of your own.

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  • See all your unestimated items
  • Easily update them in bulk
  • Estimation assistant makes sure you consider all aspects, including development, testing, fixes and deployment
  • Estimate your whole plan of work and track and adjust these to be more accurate as time goes on

Allocation of resources

  • No need to allocate individuals upfront to get an estimate of the timeline
  • Tell us the skills required, and available, and we will level tasks across skills
  • Any time the plan is updated we dynamically regenerate the optimised allocations

Progress tracking and alerts when off-track

  • You don't need to hassle your people daily to update progress and effort remaining
  • We do it automatically through daily emails where they can report these things with one click
  • Based on these, we revise how your sprint, project and roadmap is going and update you with the new timings
  • You can customise updates for different levels of management
  • Alerts can be programmed for when the targets deviate too much

Delivery dates and costs for the short, medium and long term

  • As the team makes progress and you encounter learnings and new ideas, the timelines react and update
  • These are presented as dynamic timeline views for the current phase, and future phases of your roadmap
  • The further out, the less certainty, and that's OK; Fixed is a tool to manage and refine your "best guess"

Agile adjustments of scope to meet deadlines

  • Just because you have a deadline or fixed budget doesn't mean you can't be Agile
  • If you have a project constraint, Fixed gives you a continuous and accurate view of how well you're meeting it
  • Scope Manager tool gives you a visual view of the remaining scope with the size and priority of each component
  • Using Scope Manager, your product owner can adjust scope in an Agile way to continue within the bounds of the deadline or budget

Quote for contracts with confidence

  • You can use fixed to confidently respond to an RFP with a proposal of the cost and time
  • Once you agree to the scope to deliver the customer outcomes, Fixed will tell you the anticipated cost and time
  • But you can still be Agile! Inevitably learnings and ideas will influence the scope
  • Use the Scope Manager to guide the customer through decisions to include or exclude items or accept a new timeline or budget
  • This empowers the customer and removes the pressure on you to "just squeeze this in"